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The Business Pose: Three Posing Tips for a Business Portrait

Business portraits can be an important aspect of a person’s professional life, whether or not he has a big fancy position in his company. This is because these types of portraits portray something like a sneak peek of one’s personality.

Why is this important? Well, because most of the time customers are attracted to those whose personalities are approachable, but professional. They’re also handy for those with social media accounts that directly represent their companies, as empty profile photo spaces have the tendency to raise suspicion in a customer.

In a way, these business portraits “put a face” on a company and what they sell. This is so people have an idea on how the person they’re going to transact business with looks like.

Of course, these business portraits aren’t like “selfies” where someone can just point a camera at oneself and take a picture. These often need to be taken by professional photographers and thankfully, there are plenty in Richmond.

Aside from finding a trustworthy photographer, one also needs to know how to properly pose for a business portrait. For that reason, here are some tips on how to do so:

Do an “open-mouth” smile. In order to look more friendly and approachable, it’s recommended to have an open-mouth smile for a business portrait. That means there should be a show of teeth. Smiles where the mouth is closed often look too distant and stern, which may seem intimidating for customers. So, don’t be shy to show off those pearly whites when smiling for the camera.

Lose a few pounds with a slight turn. A lot of people have heard how the camera “adds 10 pounds”, and that’s true, but only if one poses in the wrong angle. The reason why some people look 10 pounds larger at a photo is because they take up most of the space in one frame. This often happens when a person poses head on towards the camera. The trick to looking slimmer for a business portrait is to just simply turn the body 2/3rds away from the camera, so it doesn’t look like the person is taking up all the space.

Minimize extravagant clothing and jewelry. This is a business portrait, not a fashion photoshoot so the main focus should be the face and not the clothes. For that reason, it’s important to note that “loud” clothing and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. The best type of business portrait clothes to wear for men are suits and for women, a nice fitted blouse and blazer. Long-sleeved tops look generally better for a business portrait compared to short-sleeved tops. Also, try to avoid too many patterns. In fact, solid colored clothes look more professional.

There are several other ways for one to pose the right way for a business portrait, it’s just a matter of making sure of two things: looking approachable and professional. Customers can also always ask their photographers to direct and advise them on their poses. Hopefully these tips can be of some help and customers will be able to take great business portraits with them (the tips) in mind!

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